The evolution from morning tea to brunch and caesers

“Wayne” aka Lorraine and myself “Tim” aka Kim, met up for brunch with some of our grown kids during her visit to Kelowna recently.  Those given names are special memories for us of our long friendship and our daughters’ transition to learning to pronounce our names correctly.  Thankfully, those names have lovingly remained in place although the now-young-ladies’ speech has progressed from there.

Over 20 years ago, our Friday mornings used to be spent attempting to make adult conversation whilst drinking tea and trying out our latest muffin recipe.  This would be whilst our toddlers were having “accidents” and stealing each others special “stuffies”.  Only to have our visits shortened by a much needed nap (probably for parents too), or a follow-through on a threat of leaving if the undesirable toddlers’ behaviour continued.

Fast forward 20 years and we find ourselves out for Brunch ordering Caesars for our hungover daughters whilst they relay their bar-hopping evening. Brunch ended after lots of memories and laughter with the treat of Wayne’s eldest son footing the bill with his hard-earned dollars.  Nice.

There’s something special about a friendship that lasts over so many years and life experiences,  and then still being able to just pick up where you were at your last visit over a year prior, with all the knowledge of our family members’ eccentricities locked into our memories.

I am so blessed to have had these morning tea friendships in my life.  They shaped me as a Mother, Wife, Daughter and Friend.

“Tanks Wayne”, and the rest of my “Morning Tea” crowd – Anita and Cathie.



2 and 3 years old with pantihose as bunny ears


3 and 4 years old (bit blurred sorry!)


20 and 21 years old – two gorgeous young ladies


First ever blog post – here I go!


I’m taking a blogging course right now and this post – right here, right now – is today’s assignment – yikes.

I’m feeling super reluctant to get started due to my lack of experience as a blogger and huge feelings of inadequacy as a “writer”.   The last time I wrote was on graduating high school a mere 35 years ago – and even that was a “B” not an “A”.  I don’t feel fully satisfied with my “set-up” of my blog page and feel like a cat in water on this “WordPress” blogging set-up site.  However  I was told to do this, “jump in” she said – here I am, jumping……….

Today I’m struggling with my “empty nester syndrome” with the recent end of my temporary full-house. My lovely Big Brother came to visit from the U.K. (I’m in Canada), and my eldest kid – M. came from across the country and surprised me for my birthday. Hubby was home from a tour of work overseas, and youngest kid – L . was off work and home for Easter.  So wonderful  – a Full Nest.  But it’s now empty again – apart from me and my trusty Dachshund – Stan.

Today, I’m feeling blue.  I guess my state of mind today is very relevant to my Blog Name – “The Evolving Empty Nester”, so I should really “grab the bull by the horns” as the saying goes.   I guess the whole of my life from now on is relevant and not just a day when I feel blue.  There will be ups, and there will be downs as there are in every stage of life.  But today, this is my feeling.  Maybe more of a purplish-blue feeling.

Interesting that I just wrote that, and then my next thought was to look for a photo to attach to this post and found this lovely one of myself and Big Bruv (and Stan lurking behind in the shadow) on his last day here.  M. snapped this shot of us in amongst these gorgeous purple Springtime flowers, and they are the colour of my feeling today.  They were spread out like a blanket inviting a photo opportunity to be had.  Today I noticed some of these very same flowers starting to thread their way across my garden slope and they reminded me of M. and Big Bruv and brought a smile to my face and a melancholy feeling in my heart.



Tomorrow’s another day and I will go searching for multiple shades of yellow daffodils – the colour of sunshine and brightness.

Cheers lovelies!